In 1924, the nursery ‘Bos en Hoogenboom’ was founded in Boskoop, the Netherlands. When the next generation took over the nursery, they started visiting nurseries and garden centres in the UK, to sell their produce.

In 1987, the third generation took over. In the beginning, the focus was put into the nursery, so the trips to the UK were put on hold. In the meantime, one of their sons worked for a van sales company who drove through the UK.

In January 2000, the plan was made to use all the knowledge and experience in reviving the sales to the UK. This time a whole new van-sales company was established, that would not only sell plants from their own nursery, but also from other nurseries. David Bos and Kees Cammeraat already had experience with the van and trolley sales industry. Arjan Bos and Max Hoogenboom, of the Bos en Hoogenboom nursery, completed the team of the managing board. A plant buyer was appointed who buys the best quality plants for the best prices, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Plantline started with with just one lorry. Very quickly a second round was set up, and now Plantline has grown to five lorries which all leave for the UK on a weekly base to drive their route. Plantline also has two sample vans driving in the UK, and one in Poland, in which a selection plants and trees are displayed. These plants can be ordered with the sales person, for a delivery at a later date. There are also two lorries which deliver the orders that are placed.

The next step is to widen our services with a new webshop.


Plantline is situated in Boskoop. Boskoop is well known for it’s nurseries - past and present. Lots of the plants we deliver are purchased from local nurseries. Plantline also selects it’s products at the best nurseries in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. This is the reason that Plantline is known for its consistently superior plants and competitive prices, and always looking for new varieties and inspiration!

Van sales

Because our sales person visits their customers on a weekly basis, a good relationship is built with them. A good idea of the vision and wishes of each individual customer develops, and can easily be adjusted to the leading trends and specifications of the clients of the customer. This is also taken into account by the plant buyer. When specific items are not in the the selection on board, there is always  the possibility to place a direct order, for the following weeks visit. Or to make up an order of minimal two trollies for delivery at an earlier date.

All employees at Plantline will do their utmost, to be at the best service to all of our clients!

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